Forrest Cameranesi, Geek of All Trades

The Ehrban Saga

Over twelve thousand Earth years in the past, an alien species called the Ehrban have a vast interstellar civilization connected by a network of artificial wormholes, but so far as they know they are the only intelligent life in the galaxy, which they call Quelouva. A xenobiologist among them named Keius Meij, investigating why, discovers nanotechnology of unknown origin symbiotically intertwined with the cells of life from his world, and investigating further finds it capable of apparently magical feats when properly reprogrammed. This discovery comes on the eve of civil war within the Ehrban empire, and with his newfound power Keius dissolves the conflict. His discoveries subsequently usher in dramatic changes to Ehrban culture and society. While training an organization of "magic"-users to manage this newfound power, attempting to create new life de novo with it, and beginning a conventional family of his own with his love Tatia, a new wormhole reaches Earth, revealing primitive humanity, the first other intelligent species known to the Ehrban, and Keius becomes obsessed with studying them. But unexpected backlash to the effects he has had on society lead to sudden war with a new enemy species diverging from his own, the Berol; a war which forces Keius to abandon his study of humanity, and then brings the entirety of the Ehrban's interstellar civilization, including especially their homeworld Ehrba, to utter ruination. (More details).

After ages of desolation ravaging Ehrba finally settle into something resembling habitability again, the tiny group of survivors, lead by the powerful magic-users trained by Keius and Tatia, emerge from their magically-protected isolation and begin to resettle their reborn world, dubbed Niarba. Chief among them is the offspring of Tatia and Keius, named Lievus. But a group of rogue magic-users, warlocks, threaten the unity of their nascent civilization, and soon fracture it entirely. In the wake of that conflict, Ehrban who are disconnected from the source of magic become the dominant strain of the species, and both the Meij lineage and their adherents, and the warlocks who oppose them, gradually fade into the background of the history that slowly unfolds over centuries and millenia, before vanishing apparently entirely after a cataclysmic conflict between the mere child Darak Meij and a Witch-Queen named Mav at the dawn of the Ehrban's second industrial revolution. Centuries later still, the long-hidden society of mages, by then called Ancients, reemerge only to stop Niarba's first new spacefaring nation, the Nurbal, from leaving the safety of Niarba and inviting doom from the sky in the form of the Berol (now remembered as mythological demons and dismissed by most modern peoples) down upon them all again. After one last war between them, a truce is struck in honor of the sacrifice Meij Endaren makes to end it, wherein with the aid of the Ancients' lost technology, a single enormous colony ship carrying the Nurbal and everyone else who wishes to explore space will be sent out through the temporarily reopened wormhole to the nearest of the old colony worlds, and then the wormhole will be sealed again behind them forever, with rulership of Niarba and all who remain there left at last to the society of mages descended from Keius. (More details).

In the near future, the Nurbal colony ship, lead by a clone of Meij Endaren made during the last war on Niarba, settle on the first old colony world they discover on the other side of the wormhole. They begin to rebuild in its ruins, which are not nearly as devastated as old Ehrba itself was, but still there are no survivors, and little else of any use. After gradually establishing themselves there, the Nurbal begin to explore space as planned, and find it far easier than expected with the old wormhole network still around, just shut down — from their side, in a failed attempt to protect old Ehrba, so the Nurbal can proceed to reactivate the entire network. As they expand and explore through their people's lost legacy, they eventually discover a few worlds where other Ehrban have survived. None of them are nearly as advanced as the ancient Ehrban once were, and though some few compare to the Nurbal, most are still in various stages of more primitive development. Reconnecting these disparate peoples through their reactivation of the wormhole network, the Nurbal begin to rekindle something of the ancient Ehrban empire again. But it all goes awry when they continue to expand and find worlds where their enemy, the Berol, have survived as well, in numbers great enough to rival the resurgent Ehrban empire. The old war, merely paused thanks to speed-of-light limitations, is reborn anew through the connections of the wormhole network. In the midst of that war, contact is reestablished with Earth as well, finding humanity now far more advanced. Though that contact spells doom for Earth, the few survivors of it, a mere handful of apparently invulnerable immortals likened to the legendary Keius himself, turn out to be the key to defeating the Berol at last; but then threaten to become the new overlords of the galaxy themselves. (More details).

( An old unfinished outline of the entire Ehrban Saga )