Forrest Cameranesi, Geek of All Trades

The Oumen Saga

  1. In the Oumen saga, a utopian future Earth turns out to have been orchestrated by the immortals who inspired all ancient mythologies, one of whom becomes its only hope after the collapse of civilization.
    1. In the Pantheon series, immortal humans on prehistoric Earth inspire all ancient mythologies while trying to escape back to space, from where they guide mortal humanity into a utopian future.
      1. In Pantheon Genesis, a family of immortals created by Keius Meij crash land on prehistoric Earth, then try to rebuild their way back to space, until rising sea levels drown their nascent civilization.
      2. In Pantheon Exodus, the immortals are divided in a schism that kills one of them, Metis, and they wander the ancient world until eventually regrouping for a successful second attempt to escape to space.
      3. In Pantheon Synthesis, the now-spacefaring immortals begin to secretly intervene in the affairs of the advancing mortal civilization, subtly guiding it through terrible wars for the protection of all mankind.
    2. In the Future Series, the immortals begin to intervene in mortal human affairs, ushering in a bright utopian future, until the whole thing comes crashing down upon disasterous first contact with alien life.
      1. In Future Perfect, the immortals begin to intervene more actively in the affairs of advaned mortal civilization, secretly averting multiple existential crises before ushering in a bright utopian future.
      2. In Future Continuous, an expedition called the Valkyries, working for the immortals, are sent the long way around to explore what lies on the other end of the sealed-off wormhole from Sol.
      3. In Future Prospective, humanity rallies against the Ehrban who lie beyond the wormhole, only to be drawn into the ongoing war against the Ehrban’s enemy, leading to the destruction of Earth.
    3. In the Resurgent series, Metis is the sole surviving immortal on post-apocalyptic Earth, and gradually guides the remnants of mortal human civilization back to their previous heights.
      1. In Columbia Resurgent, Metis is uncovered centuries later as the sole surviving immortal on Earth, and slowly leads a reunification of the continent of Columbia where she awoke.
      2. In Terra Resurgent, the reunited Columbian civilization encounters two rival civilizations from across the seas, and Metis uses her influence as a mythological figure to broker peace between them all.
      3. In Sol Resurgent, the reunified Earth rebuilds back to space with the help of automatons who survived the war, only to discover that evil immortals have since conquered the rest of the galaxy.