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(2x02) Falling of the Darklight: Part 1, Episode 2

At the start of that new Sphidia, the love of the Eldest, the one reckoned Queen, walked among the other Old Ones together in the one protected realm. But she had long ago suffered countless ages of torture unspeakable, and it had driven her mad. In the old world of tiered realms those who could not bear her madness had been spared from it, safe in realms reserved for the weak and timid while she ruled the realm of the strongest.

But now with only one realm preseved, her wrath was continually inflicted on many who would wish to avoid it; and though all the Old Ones were immortal, still they could suffer from her attacks, a suffering as painful as death, but without the release thereof to follow. With a heavy heart for his lost love's soul, but knowing he must do right by all the other souls in his care, the Eldest was forced to banish the Queen to another, smaller realm, to which any who wished could visit, but from which she could not leave.

For the Old Ones that was better, but still many of them would come into the Queen's realm to challenge her strength, and so her life was one of constant battle. That was as it had been in the old world, but now with his eye fixed upon only this small remnant, and his love foremost in it, the Eldest could not stand to see her suffer in madness perpetually. So he sealed off her realm to the Old Ones, leaving it open only to himself and to the goddesses, whom he tasked with cultivating virtues and hopefully sanity in his lost love, however long it may take.

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