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(1x02) Darak Meij: Part 2, Episode 2

A party of wizards approach a small rural town on the planet Niarba, inhabited by the Ehrban species. The town has become a circus as news has spread quickly of the possibility that a descendant of the legendary Meij lineage has survived, and reporters from far and wide come looking for an exclusive on "The Mighty Dragon", the young feral child dubbed Darak Meij, who was recently discovered there. It is difficult for the mundane authorities to keep a safe space around Darak and keep from provoking him, for he is easily spooked and reacts violently to perceived threats. The wizards meet with their ranger who called them in to investigate the claims of Darak's lineage – suspected because of a medallion the child carries bearing on it a seven pointed star composed of overlapping curved chevrons somewhat resembling a flower, the sign of the Meij lineage.

The wizards meet with Darak and investigate him through both mundane and magical methods, including telepathic probing of his mind, which he seems instinctively able to defend against, and attempts to engage the thus-far silent child verbally in the ancient holy tongue forgotten to all but the wizards – a tongue which would sound to human linguists like some refinement of a reconstruction of the Proto-Indo-European language – to which Darak finally responds. Between these means the wizards determine that he is in fact the descendent of Skotos Meij, the last known member of the Meij line. But he is also, they fear, the descendent of the witch Wreben Wieg, with whom Skotos absconded before his presumed demise. Unlike warlocks, Darak seems to have a magical mental connection to Geiana, the semi-collective consciousness of the Ehrban that the wizards perceive as their god. But unlike wizards, Darak can shut that connection off at will, and cannot be controlled through it, like the wizards collectively control each other. Combined with his utter lack of socialization, having apparently been raised by dragons in the wild, that makes Darak a dangerous loose cannon.

The wizards do their best to slowly and gently socialize him, and to establish rudimentary verbal communication, accelerated by the magical means of his shared connection to Geiana; a connection only available so long as Darak feels he can trust it and does not shut it off in defense. Progress is painfully slow but looking hopeful, until a dark force arrives on the outskirts of town to cast a shadow upon it all: the witch queen Mav Wieg, whose family were thought to have exterminated the Meij lineage, accompanied by a small army of warlocks.

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