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(7x01) Nurbal Colony: Part 1, Episode 1

In the near future, a fleet of Nurbal colony ships prepare to depart from Niarba's star system through the ancient wormhole. They are lead by Amouch, the clone of Meij Endaren who negotiated the truce with the Ancients that allowed this expedition to proceed. As a clone from the Meij lineage, he is the only magic-user among the colonists, who otherwise consist of the bulk of the Nurbal nation, plus many peoples from around Niarba who preferred to brave the Nurbal's interstellar expedition than to be ruled by the Ancients on Niarba for all time. Not knowing what will await them on the other side of the wormhole or how long it will take to establish a habitable colony, the colonists are placed in suspended animation. After some final goodbyes, the ships pass through the wormhole, which the Ancients seal off behind them.

The skeleton crews remaining on the colony fleet then cautiously approach the inner worlds of the new star system they find themselves in, and are pleasantly surprised to find their scans show a habitable planet, complete with organic life already on it. Scouting expeditions land on the planet and conduct tests and surveil the biosphere, finding the atmosphere compatible with Ehrban life, and the organisms already on the planet not-too-distant cousins of creatures found on Niarba itself.

Though the climate is none too hospitable, seeming to be on its way either into or out of an ice age, it seems that life has survived on this old colony world despite the devastating alien attack that destroyed the ancient Ehrban empire. But though overgrown ruins of Ehrban structures abound on the planet, no Ehrban themselves seem to have survived. Still, finding a habitable planet already waiting for them much earlier than feared, the fleet lands in the best location they can find to settle, and begin to awaken the first phase of colonists from stasis to start building their new world. Ancient signage among the ruins of the lost Ehrban civilization that once lived here identify this world by the name of "Entu".

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