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(7x02) Nurbal Colony: Part 1, Episode 2

The majority of the first phase of colonists are Nurbal, they being the most technologically advanced of the nations of Niarba and architects of this entire expedition, and so the ones with the best expertise to begin constructing a colony. Many of these Nurbal do not see any point in awakening what they consider the useless deadweight of less technologically advanced people from stasis at this time.

But some of the ships in the fleet are controlled by independent nations not far behind the Nurbal in technology, and they not only begin to awaken their own people on their ships, but they insist that the Nurbal allow them to awaken the designated leaders of other nations who are in stasis on Nurbal ships, so that the establishment of the new colony may be directed in an impartial democratic manner. With Amouch's mediation, the Nurbal reluctantly concede.

Even with the leaders of other peoples awakened, the majority of de facto power is held by the Nurbal, and their semi-collective will dominates the proceedings of establishing the nascent colony. Many of these other peoples do not fall easily in line with the Nurbal's way of life, especially their cybernetic connection to the Machine, the central artificial intelligence that coordinates the Nurbal's social structure. As the various other peoples struggle to maintain their own ways of life under the de facto rule of the Nurbal, they begin to band together in frustration to coordinate some kind of resistance to this new world's order, a resistance that Amouch fears may turn violent.

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