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(7x04) Nurbal Colony: Part 2, Episode 1

Under the newly established constitutional government of Entu, general elections are held for political offices, and Amouch is put forward as a candidate for President. The Nurbal demographic almost unanimously vote for him, and a significant majority of the other peoples vote for him as well, pleased with the results of his mediation of the impending crisis that has just been averted with the formation of this very government. In the end, Amouch wins by a landslide, and becomes the first President of Entu.

Shortly after his victory, in the privacy of the newly-constructed presidential home, he is contacted telepathically by Meij Daria, his "twin sister" in a sense, though more technically his grandmother, and the leader of the Ancients who now rule all of Niarba and its star system. He is surprised to hear from her from lightyears away, but she explains that the nanotechnology that powers the magic of the Ancients is advanced beyond the knowledge of any Ehrban, and communicates between nanites, and thus individuals imbued with them, via faster-than-light ansible links similar to those used to create the wormholes.

Daria offers to telepathically teach Amouch more about this magical nanotechnology that he, as a descendent of the Meij line, shares with the Ancients still on Niarba, alone among the non-magical colonists that he now leads. Though the Ancients never wanted the Nurbal to venture out into the galaxy to begin with, now that they are out there Daria wants them to succeed, and she believes Amouch's latent magical ability may be the key to that. So while he publically conducts the mundane business of presidency, Amouch secretly communes with Daria in the privacy of his home, and with her help gradually masters the ways of magic.

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