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(7x05) Nurbal Colony: Part 2, Episode 2

Upon confidently mastering his use of magic, Amouch finally reveals to the public at large that he has been doing so, proudly offering his services not only as their president but as a magical powerhouse happy to help with the figuratively hands-on work of building out their new homeworld.

Amouch is surprised to meet a very unhappy backlash to that revelation. Both the Nurbal and the mundane colonists alike distrust magic for its association with connection to the Ancient's old god Geiana, who many now worry is secretly controlling Amouch. Freedom from rule by the Ancients was the primary motivating factor for most of the mundane colonists, and the Ancients were very recently the prime enemy of the Nurbal in a nearly catastrophic war, so finding out that Amouch is "one of them" sends his populating through the floor.

Despite his best efforts to spin his magical abilities as a good thing that he offers for the benefit of all Entu, and despite the efforts of the few advisors and staff still loyal to him despite this revelation, political opposition rapidly mounts, and in little time Amouch finds himself facing a recall election, not even a year yet into his first term.

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