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(7x06) Nurbal Colony: Part 2, Episode 3

As the recall election approaches, it looks almost certain that Amouch will be removed from office, but who will replace him remains uncertain. At first the singular Nurbal candidate has a clear lead, as the various mundane peoples divide their votes among their own candidates, but in time they realize the danger of splitting their vote and one by one minority candidates resign, throwing their support behind the non-Nurbal forerunner, until only one remains to oppose the Nurbal candidate by the time of the election. As expected, Amouch is removed from office, and the non-Nurbal candidate barely wins to replace him.

Ousted from power, Amouch retreats into telepathic communion with Daria, who has become his closest confidant. She apologises for the trouble that her intervention has caused him, and assured him that she didn't mean to disrupt their politics like this at all. She offers to guide him in introspective meditation, to commune with the ancient spirit of the Meij lineage that they share, including the memories of Keius Meij, once leader of the entire galaxy of Quelouva, as a source of guidance on this matter. Through that introspection, Amouch eventually finds a new role for himself in the colony as a spiritual and cultural link to the colony's past.

Through the memories of Keius and even further-distant ancestors, he remembers this ruined world as it was when the Ehrban first arrived, and as it was at its height before their ancient civilization collapsed. He tells stories of those times long past, pointing out the geography and ruins that correlated with them, to anyone who will listen, and gradually gains a reputation as an interesting and respectable wise man. In time, people begin to trust him again, and realize that with his link to the Ancients, he can also serve as a communications channel with Niarba, from which they thought they were sealed off forever. Amouch gladly accepts that role as well.

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