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(7x08) Nurbal Colony: Part 3, Episode 2

The idea of full automation is found scandalous but alluring by the public, and is hotly debated. Things are no longer divided cleanly along the lines of Nurbal or not. While it was a faction of Nurbal who put it forth to begin with, many of the Nurbal are against it, as even being connected to the Machine, they have always been confident in their technical independence from it, however much the information it feeds them and gleans from them may influence them, and giving it innumerable hands of its own to act independently seems a step too far, into the kind of territory of the strawmen that Nurbal-detractors invent from their frightened imaginations.

On the other hand, many of the non-Nurbal colonists, though still fiercely independent when it comes to the privacy of their own minds, are ready to jump at the opportunity to have a robot army programmed to serve their every whim, without worrying about it being controlled by any particular faction of Ehrban with their own interests that may not align with theirs. Others, of course, are still highly skeptical, mostly those who have always been most vocally against Nurbal control on the grounds of not trusting artificially intelligence generally.

Amouch is surprised to find himself aligned most with that last faction. Having meditated deeply on the memories of his ancestral lineage since taught to do so by Daria, he is aware of his people's spotty history with artificial intelligence. Armed with that knowledge, he warns everyone of the dangers of unmediated artificial intelligence, how the automata who built out the wormhole network nearly destroyed Ehrban civilization long before the great collapse they're only now recovering from, and how Keius Meij himself almost initiated a second wave of that with the creation of organic automatons. But his warnings fall increasingly on deaf ears, and public opinion slowly drifts toward going ahead with the automation.

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