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(7x09) Nurbal Colony: Part 3, Episode 3

After much debate, the matter is finally put to a formal vote. It is decided that it is worth the risk, to give the Machine broad instructions to see to the wellbeing of all the Ehrban, and allow it direct control of the robots to do so. So the process of setting up the instructions and limitations to be given to the Machine begins.

In addition to the qualified specialists already out of stasis, further specialists in programming and philosophy are reawakened to participate in the reprogramming of the Machine. There is extensive formal debate among them about the full implications of every line of code to be altered, but working together the team is eventually able to reach consensus on a program that they think will be safe and effective.

Amouch, with his unique magical powers, stands ready to take decision action if everything goes to hell as he fears, but after the program is implemented he is surprised to find things are not so dire as expected. The result is a rapidly accelerating progress of improvements that promise to soon have the old colony rebuilt into a luxurious paradise for the colonists. Still wary of potential future complications, Amouch decides that he himself, as the possible only line of defense against runaway automatons in the indefinite future, will be going into stasis, programmed to automatically revive him if certain danger conditions are met, and able to be reawakened manually in case any Ehrban themselves decide they are in need of his help.

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