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The Pantheon Series

  1. In the Pantheon series, immortal humans on prehistoric Earth inspire all ancient mythologies while trying to escape back to space, from where they guide mortal humanity into a utopian future.
    1. In Pantheon Genesis, a family of immortals created by Keius Meij crash land on prehistoric Earth, then try to rebuild their way back to space, until rising sea levels drown their nascent civilization.
      1. In Part 1, two abandoned immortals on a starship above prehistoric Earth spawn a whole family of immortals who come into conflict and crash their ship to the planet below.
      2. In Part 2, the family of stranded immortals become worshipped as gods by the primitive mortals around them, and use that to bootstrap a spacefacing civilization.
      3. In Part 3, the immortals' nascent civilization finally starts making progress toward a space elevator, until rising sea levels flood their entire continent.
    2. In Pantheon Exodus, the immortals are divided in a schism, and they wander the ancient world until eventually regrouping for a successful second attempt to escape to space.
      1. In Part 1, the family of immortals are further divided along lines of how to interact with mortal humanity, and separately scatter across the ancient world.
      2. In Part 2, the scattered immortals regroup and move westward in time to withness the dawn of written history, which diverges from the history of our own records.
      3. In Part 3, the immortals cross the Atlantic ocean to the remote Andes mountains, where they found another civilization and succeed at last in building back to space.
    3. In Pantheon Synthesis, the now-spacefaring immortals begin to secretly intervene in the affairs of the advancing mortal civilization, subtly guiding it through terrible wars for the protection of all mankind.
      1. In Part 1, as mortal human nations become global superpowers with nuclear weaponry, the immortals debate whether to begin interfering with mortal affairs.
      2. In Part 2, the immortals begin to actively interfere with mortal human affairs as the world moves to a century-long state of impending nuclear armageddon.
      3. In Part 3, the immortals must move further from Earth to escape the notice of advancing mortal technology, while debating if they should continue intervening even without imminent nuclear threats.