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Pantheon Exodus: Part 1

  1. In Pantheon Exodus: Part 1, a family of immortals created by Keius Meij crash land on prehistoric Earth, then try to rebuild their way back to space, until rising sea levels drown their nascent civilization.
    1. In Episode 1, after a time lost at sea after the flooding of Auei, the immortals settle in the Indus River Valley, then split into two factions in the absence of their old leaders.
    2. In Episode 2, Xio, the youngest son of Kron, survives his attempted suicide, only to try it again and again, eventually settling in China where he tries instead to atone for his sins.
    3. In Episode 3, the divided immortals migrate to the Steppe seeking the guidance of the first immortal; Xio wanders that way too and ends up part of their new ruling council.