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(5x11) Pantheon Exodus: Part 1, Episode 2

Despite the attempt to end his life permanently, the alien nanites granting him immortality are too strong, and Xio survives anyway. In time his ruined body is worked free from its bonds underwater, and slowly regenerates as he washes ashore in southeast Asia. Like Kron after his fall from high orbit, Xio has no memories of his identity, but he does still have a screaming voice of rage inside his mind, though that mind is of no use in figuring out who he, or they, are; all it knows is hate for him.

Making his way eventually north into China, Xio gradually recovers his memories, and the still-enraged voice of Met inside of him does likewise at the same time. He is once again overcome with insurmountable guilt and shame, and again attempts to take his own life. But again he survives, still full of Met's voice of righteous hate and fury, and as he recovers his memories again he is again driven to attempted suicide.

In time, Xio realizes that there is no escape through death, there is no escape at all, and the only thing he can possibly do is to suffer his deserved torment gracefully for the rest of eternity, doing good in the future even though it can never possibly make up for the terrible evil he has already committed. Living a long time in China while thus recovering his mental stability, he ends up teaching the people there many things as part of his penitent new leaf, and becomes remembered as the mythic founder of their civilization.

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