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(5x12) Pantheon Exodus: Part 1, Episode 3

Realizing in time that their unending schism is counterproductive to both of their goals, the Pantheon eventually abandon the Indus River Valley and make their way to the steppe north of the Black and Caspian seas, where Keie still resides with the people she was first tasked to observe generations ago. They seek out her neutral wisdom and leadership, hoping that she can somehow bring peace between them; Oron having slowly gone quiet over his telepathic connection as his body slowly freezes in the depths of space beyond the capacity for even his nanites to keep him conscious.

While on the Steppe, the Pantheon eventually meet Xio again, when he wanders west from China for the same reason as them: seeking out his grandmother Keie. Seeing the rift between their people, as Keie simply sided with Osan and Aten's faction and Kron summarily rejected her mediation, Xio kicks Kron back into line, but then defers leadership to Osan and Aten, who in turn again defer to Keie to settle the divide. Keie sees the need for Xio’s nominal leadership to keep the militant faction in line, and so appoints him the nominal leader, but in practice Aten, Xio, Osan, and Keie are jointly the new ruling council.

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