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(5x13) Pantheon Exodus: Part 2, Episode 1

In time the people of the Steppe where the Pantheon reside spread far and wide across western and southern Eurasia. In further time still word from some of those more distant diaspora reaches the Pantheon, telling news of more advanced mortal civilizations arising in the southwest, near where the continent meets Africa, arising from peoples thus far untaught by the Pantheon. They head that way and find a people whom they determine descend in part from old the royal family of Auei, a people now enslaved to the most advanced of mortal civilizations there, the ones known in later times as the Geptians.

While the Pantheon watch, not interfering, they see that a child of that people, named Moses, is adopted by the royal family of the Geptians. When the child learns of his heritage, he nearly stages a slave revolt to free his people, but to the Pantheon's surprise he displays remarkable cunning, remaining an heir to the throne and eventually seizing it, then enacting religious reforms that subsume the Geptian religion within his own people's, casting their gods as messengers of their singular god, and giving his people a special place in their society as a sort of priestly race, burdened with stricter ritual laws to appease the one god, but granted a holy land in which to do so.

These reforms prove tremendously influential in helping Geptian society to maintain cohesive unity in trying political times to come, and in time the Geptian Empire becomes the preeminent power across all of northern Africa.

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