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(5x16) Pantheon Exodus: Part 3, Episode 1

As mortal civilization grows across Europe and begins to make contact with the growing civilizations around the rest of the world as well, the Pantheon eventually decide that they should vacate the area entirely and find somewhere far more remote, from which they can once again restart their project to rebuild to space and there to hide from all of humanity as the mortals' own civilization takes off.

They will need equatorial land to build a space elevator, and it will need to be somewhere far enough from extant mortal civilizations that they can again develop a small new civilization of their own, small enough to take with them when they leave, without record of their activities passing down to the more advanced mortal civilizations. They look first at equatorial Africa, but travelling that way to scout it out, they find southern Geptian civilization already encroaching too close on the area.

They send another expedition into the east, passing through the flourishing civilization of India on their way back toward the site of their first failed attempt. Though that land is now drowned, there are other islands that would be suitable, but they discover that though the people of those islands are themselves primitive both the Indian civilization and a burgeoning civilization on Auei itself are both quickly enroaching on those islands by sea.

After the expedition returns again to Europe report this news, the Pantheon decide that the only place remotely remote enough must be on the far side of the world, in the southwestern continent that mortals would come to call America.

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