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(5x17) Pantheon Exodus: Part 3, Episode 2

The Pantheon will need more hands than their own to build the ships it will take to sail across the seas like that. So as to disturb local culture as little as possible in the building of this fleet, they take aged distinguished shipwrights from their death beds, save them from death with their "food of the gods", and far away even further to the north, begin building their fleet of ships. Their chief shipbuilder is a man named Thorir, and these dying people of great renbown, taken away to live with the gods, are remembered by the people of the north as the "Einherjar".

With their help, the Pantheon build a small fleet with which they sail across the north Atlantic to the continent mortal history would call Columbia. (Some of the locals wish to come with them to this new world, and when the Pantheon refuse, the mortals later attempt to do so on their own, founding a small colony that they called Vinland). After crossing the sea, the Pantheon sail down the coasts in the western Atlantic until they reach the equatorial regions of America, from where they follow up the Amazon river bason inland, far into the west, to the highest mountain regions.

There in the mountains, they find a young primitize civilization, which they determine are partly descended from the banished faction of their old Aueian civilization that had sailed off across the eastern sea. The few of those banished who made it this far crossbred with the locals who long before walked over the Bering Strait, and with their recollection of what a great civilization could be, became founders of the new people's royal line.

Realizing that connection, the Pantheon decide to reveal themselves to the locals as the gods who had banished their ancestors. They offer them a chance at redemption for their people's ancient sins, promising that if they will serve them, they will take them up into heaven with them with their great project is complete. So there in the remote Andes mountains, the Pantheon finally resume their project to build back to space.

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