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(5x18) Pantheon Exodus: Part 3, Episode 3

After many long generations, the Pantheon and their isolated mountain civilization finally succeed in developing a gravitomagnetic lift high in the top of the Andes, a fullerene tether lifted into space by it, and an enormous spacecraft to climb that tether under the power of the gravitomagnetic lift. The craft is large enough to house not only the entire family of immortals, but all of those in the Andean civilization that know too much to be left behind, chief among them their principal liaison to the natives working for them, a man named Ayar. He is the first of many core workers there to be given access to the food of the gods, allowed to become immortal, and to then join the gods in heaven. The build site, once evacuated, will be bombed from orbit to hide all evidence of their escape from Earth.

But once the ship is beginning to launch, Kron once again tries to seize control, attempting to rally the more naive of the ascended mortals into helping him take his "rightful" place as king of the gods, leaving the other of the Pantheon behind on the planet as only he and they ascend to heaven.

He succeeds in stirring quite a rabble among the ascended mortals onboard the ship, who are at least temporarily immortal and so pose an actual threat to the Pantheon so long as they act before the effects of the food of the gods wears off. But thanks to Ayar's leadership, the rabble is turned first against itself, and then against Kron entirely... and then takes on a mind of its own. They once again throw Kron from the ship as it ascends into the sky, and when the bomb to demolish the build site is automatically detonated on schedule, Kron, Lucifer, Loki, is finally presumed dead for good.

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