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The Foundation series

  1. In the Foundation series, the immortals begin to intervene in mortal human affairs, ushering in a bright utopian future, until the whole thing comes crashing down upon Disastrous first contact with alien life.
    1. In Shadow of the Foundation, the secretive Foundation begins to intervene more actively in the affairs of human civilization, covertly averting multiple existential crises while subtly ushering in a bright utopian future.
      1. In Part 1, the accidental discovery of the "food of the gods" starts a civil war in Xiania, and attempts to resolve that situation seem to only make it worse.
      2. In Part 2, the discovery of Kron's body buried in the Andes accidentally sets off a "zombie apocalypse", which Kron rides out while the rest of the world begins to panic.
      3. In Part 3, the immortals embrace their role as hidden guides of the burgeoning global civilization, and subtly influence the emergence of a social and technological utopia.
    2. In Veil of the Foundation, an expedition called the Einherjar, working for the Foundation, are sent the long way around to explore what lies on the other end of the sealed-off wormhole from Sol.
      1. In Part 1, the Einherjar live in a virtual world while in suspended animation en route to their destination, and have to keep one member from getting off-mission therein.
      2. In Part 2, the Einherjar arrive at their destination, get shot down to the one inhabitable planet in that star system, and meet the unusual variety of local species there.
      3. In Part 3, the Einherjar discover a way off the alien planet and back to Sol, and learn the surprising connection between the histories of this world and of humanity.
    3. In Light of the Foundation, humanity rallies behind the Foundation against the aliens who lie beyond the wormhole, only to be drawn into an already-ongoing galactic war, leading to the destruction of Earth.
      1. In Part 1, Metis is reincarnated at the height of human civilization and slowly rediscovers her past just in time to to help humanity defend against an alien invasion.
      2. In Part 2, the collective forces of humanity unite under the immortals to fight the alien invaders, until the Einherjar return to Sol and clear up a serious misunderstanding.
      3. In Part 3, humanity and the Ehrban make tenuous peace, then their real common enemy attacks, leading to the destruction of Earth and the apparent deaths of Metis and Xio.