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(3x13) Light of the Foundation: Part 2, Episode 1

With the collective forces of humanity united under the Foundation's leadership, Xio has the leaders of Earth and Luna assign squadrons of ships and their commanders to report to a variety of Foundation leaders. They are deployed at strategic places throughout the solar system, predominantly spread out along likely flight paths between the portal and the Earth-Moon system. Aten and Metis command their fleets of ships near the back lines, around Earth, which Metis finds somewhat condescending; she wants to be on the front lines fighting, making a real difference, but Aten reminds her that prudence wins wars far more than bravery ever does, and those on the back lines are no less important than those on the front.

Meanwhile a smaller number of forces are sent to intercept likely routes from the portal to Mars, as the only indigenous Martian fleets are the ones recently destroyed in its decoy attack against Earth, and the one under the command of Luke and his Four Horsemen on the front lines of this battle. The Jovian system is trusted to be able to defend itself, what with the Foundation itself being centered there, and the automata at other uninhabited locations like Venus and Mercury are given general orders to defend themselves from threats as necessary.

The general strategy of the manned fleet is to search and destroy any ships that have already broken through the front lines of defense, and gradually converge all forces toward the portal until it can be retaken and sealed off again, protecting the solar system at least for the time being thanks to speed-of-light delays inevitable for anyone trying to reach it without the aid of the wormhole. As a last line of defense, the Foundation reveals to the Lunar forces that it is aware that they have had a banned gravitomagnetic weapon under development in case Terran forces should ever attempt an invasion of Luna by force, but rather than scold them for that, Xio tells them to use it if the alien fleet manages to reach the Earth-Moon system.

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