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(8x21) Sol Resurgent: Part 1, Episode 3

Remembering that the automatons that were prevalent before the fall were intentionally programmed with no autonomous initiative, only to carry out tasks as dictated to them, Metis concludes that they have been standing around on Venus, keeping the place in shape, but otherwise patiently awaiting further orders for thousands of years, apparently awaiting a physical human presence given their ignoring of attempts at radio communication.

As the three nuclear powers of the world push each other to the brink of nuclear war, the Columbian space program is halted because any space launch can look to the other powers like a missile launch and possibly trigger a counterattack from their enemies. But Metis believes that contacting the automatons of Venus is more important now than ever before, and barely manages, even with her influence as the goddess of the world, to get the three superpower to agree to allow her to oversee a joint space program to send her personally on a primitive one-way trip to Venus that only she could survive at this level of technology, to make personal contact with the automatons.

After a long harsh and lonely journey, Metis arrives on Venus and establishes contact with the automatons. Thankfully they are, as hoped and anticipated, in possession of space technology of their own, though they haven't had need to use it for thousands of years. In their spacecraft, Metis returns to Earth with an entourage of automata, just in time to disrupt the imminent nuclear armageddon by distracting the whole world with the promise of their salvation and the return to the glorious heights before the fall.

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