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(8x22) Sol Resurgent: Part 2, Episode 1

The return of the ancient automata to Earth serves as an almost immediate panacea to virtually all of the extant political problems. First and foremost they quickly move to save humanity from themselves by deploying an orbital missile defense system, ensuring that nuclear armageddon is no longer a threat. But beyond that, the automata are plentiful and powerful enough to defend every individual human from any kind of attack, rendering police and armies in general redundant for all legitimate purposes, and ineffectual for illegitimate purposes.

The automata are also more than happy to take over all manner of manual labor from humans, everything from farming and mining through construction and manufacturing down to service jobs. This obviously provides an enormous boost to productivity: producing enough food and goods rapidly becomes a trivial concern. But this post-labor-scarcity world, without the sociopolitical changes that accompanied the original development of the automata millennia ago, suddenly makes distribution of capital ownership a major problem. Those who own the farms, mines, houses, factories, and businesses profit immensely from suddenly having no labor costs whatsoever, as the automata volunteer for free, happy to help anyone who asks with anything they need. But everyone who doesn't own such capital, who only ever had their labor to trade, suddenly find themselves utterly unemployable and with no means to provide for themselves.

The automata, programmed at the deepest level to respect human rights to autonomy and self-determination and not to take control of human affairs by any means for any ends, will not steal from one human to provide for another, and even if some would, others would then step in to defend the former from said theft. They likewise will not aid in any revolution to overthrow the prevailing economic system, and actively defend against any attempts at violent revolution. Nonviolent political action by humans is the only means possible in the face of this dystopian benevolence, but as the capital-owners benefitting from it also control the political process, that prospect looks increasingly hopeless.

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