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(8x23) Sol Resurgent: Part 2, Episode 2

The one help that the robots are able to offer the downtrodden propertyless people of Earth, since Earth is unable to fix its own intrinsically human socioeconomic problems, is an escape to somewhere besides Earth. They have been, for thousands of years, working to transform Venus into a paradise tailored for maximal human comfort. As it is as yet uninhabited except by its automaton caretakers, the automata are happy to transport any human who asks to the next world over, and allow them to stake a claim to the home of their choice, and to reap the goods of the public means of production manned by the automata.

This quickly proves an immensely popular option, precipitating a veritable exodus of the poor masses from Earth to Venus on automated interplanetary transports. The transports also bring emergency supplies produced (and in some cases, stockpiled for millennia) on Venus to Earth to keep the remaining poor on Earth alive and as comfortable as possible until there is room for them on another ship back to Venus. The automata and the more savvy humans of course realize what a terribly inefficient solution this is, but lacking a political solution it is the only available course of action.

In time, socioeconomic forces catch up to the catastrophe and slow and then halt the exodus from Earth. As ability to pay (and consequently effective demand) for the goods produced by the capital owners' automata plummets, prices drop to chase after the new lower market price, facilitated by the near-zero cost of production; but always lagging behind the ever-faster-dropping means of the propertyless to buy them. In time those means hit rock bottom, and if it weren't for the charity of the automata the propertyless would suffer a terrible shock until the prices themselves also hit rock bottom and, at last, the goods made by the automata are available for free to the masses. With that post-scarcity economy functional at last, new economic equality leads to more distributed political power, and in time the same libertarian-socialist reforms that safeguarded the utopian height of ancient human civilization are implemented as well.

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