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(8x24) Sol Resurgent: Part 2, Episode 3

With human life on the ground of Earth and Venus at last stable, back in a utopian post-scarcity economy and united once more in a new interplanetary Internation, humanity and their automatons finally begin turning their eyes to the stars again. A long-term plan to reestablish the World Ring and its Starbridges is begun, hinging on first clearing the "Rings of Fenrir", the debris of the shattered moon, from out of Earth orbit, a slow and tedious process. In the following stages, as "Jormungandr" is retrofitted to be again raised into the sky, the automata plan on Metis' insistence to be careful to comb the wreckage of the Starbridge America for Xio, whom she is sure lies buried somewhere in there.

Under human direction the automata also begin to redevelop Mars. They restore the systems that had once terraformed the planet, and as its atmosphere is made suitable for life once again, archaeological missions begin to explore the ruins of the ancient human civilizations that once existed on this first extraterrestrial world mankind ever settled. A sister structure of the Arcology of Alexandria, dubbed the Arcology of Cydonia after the naturally-occurring pyramid-like mountains of Cydonia, is both the first settlement on this new Mars, and like the Arcology of Alexandria is for Earth, it is an enormous museum of both the natural and human history of that world.

Metis is especially interested in exploring the outer reaches of the solar system. She searches first for the old Foundation headquarters that once lay inside Jupiter's Great Red Spot. The Spot itself no longer exists, and the Foundation structure once within it is nowhere to be found; Metis fears it may have sunk into the core of the planet, and any other immortals in it may be lost there forever. The settlements of the Foundation front "Jovian Corp" are barely even ruins anymore, and no bodies can be found within them. Metis fears that, like her grandfather Oron, most of her immortal family may have been set adrift in space as their ships were destroyed in battle, and those who haven't been swallowed up by some gas giant or the sun are likely hopelessly lost to the vastness of the cosmos now. Sadly, she consigns herself to the realization that she – and Xio, who she is sure still lies buried within the Starbridge America somewhere – are the last of the gods.

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