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(8x25) Sol Resurgent: Part 3, Episode 1

Far in the outer reaches of the solar system, Metis and the rest of humanity with their automatons find the ancient Ehrban wormhole that connects Sol to the rest of the galaxy. It was through that device that came the Berol, the enemy who destroyed the ancient human civilization; but it is now sealed again, from the Sol side, an act that Metis speculates was likely due to the last of her immortal family before they were lost forever.

Unless, she wonders, perhaps some of them somehow survived on the other side of it, a prospect that seems unlikely as they could have returned via ordinary subluminal travel by long ago if they had wanted to. After carefully weighing the situation, humanity collectively decide that it is worth the risk to briefly, tentatively pass through the portal, to see what lies on the other side. Metis volunteers to make the voyage, with the wormhole to be sealed off behind her until she relays back through its ansible link that it is safe to reopen it and return.

Beyond the portal, she finds a galaxy now dominated by the last survivors of the Foundation, if you could call them that – Kron, and his four loyal brothers, now wielding technology far in advance of even the old Ehrban, thanks to hybridization of the Pantheon's nanites with those of the Ehrban leader called Amouch. The galaxy is populated mostly by Ehrban, but ruled over by Kron and his lackeys like gods, an affectation now complete with what by all means appears to be real indomitable magical power on top of their existing immortality. She has very mixed feelings about these being the only survivors of her family, until she discovers that, in addition to her uncles, her father Osan has survived here as well, and holds a minority seat on the galaxy's ruling council, hopelessly allied with the Ehrban leader Amouch against her five uncles' ruling majority.

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