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(8x27) Sol Resurgent: Part 3, Episode 3

From the Asiron system, Metis signals through the ansible to Sol that it is safe to reopen the portal, but then has it immediately sealed behind her. She reveals her new powers to humanity, and confers with them about what she found beyond the portal and the situation in the rest of the galaxy. She relates that she intends to be a "benevolent goddess", and pretty much let humanity keep governing themselves, despite her nominal rulership bestowed by the arrangement with Kron.

But she intends to have that situation changed eventually, by having the automata increase their exhaustive search of the solar system for the bodies of any other immortals who may have been lost in space. And by continuing the almost-as-time-consuming search for Xio among cities upon cities worth of wreckage piled atop itself inside the former Starbridge America. When he is found, she will arrange to make sure he receives the same powers she has, and then if only one other immortal can be found and granted the same powers, they will have the force to at least match Kron and his brothers in the rulership of the galaxy.

The search for other immortals in space proves continuously fruitless, as feared, but after so long searching, she finally discovers the body of her long lost Xio. But though biologically alive of course thanks to his immortality, they find he is trapped inside his own mind now, so as to sustain what he believed to be the last remnants of humanity inside the old virtual world called Virtuality, kept operational all these millennia only by its connection to his immortal body. He cannot be awakened without sacrificing all those souls from the ancient world that he has sacrificed thousands of years of his life to preserve. But she begins devising a plan to awaken him in time without having to do so.

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