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Life in Another World

  1. In Life In Another World, after a century of virtual afterlife, many questions begin to arise about the full implications of mind-uploading, as Met continues to torture herself into the pits of virtual hell.
    1. In Part 1, questions abound about artificial intelligence personhood and the ethics of creating, duplicating, and modifying uploaded human minds.
      1. In Episode 1, some human users of Virtuality begin to think of the AI characters as people, and questions about their moral and legal personhood arise.
      2. In Episode 2, some users like Tamara want to have children in Virtuality, raising questions of what minds would go into such babies and whether it's OK to make virtual people.
      3. In Episode 3, the possibility of duplicating and modifying uploading minds raises question about the moral, legal, and practical limits that should be placed on such activities.
    2. In Part 2, Tom and Xiu end up working together to redeem the mad so-called "Queen of Hell" for whom the virtual world was constructed.
      1. In Episode 1, Xiuying and other concerned users begin a social program to help redeem other users self-consigned to "hell", including the so-called "queen" thereof, Met.
      2. In Episode 2, Tom is among the more combat-oriented users to join the redemption program, and he fights his way into the depths of "hell" where he mets its queen, Met.
      3. In Episode 3, Tom guides a curious lover of his down to meet the Queen of Hell, pursued by that lover's coworkers under Xio, who in turn abandons hope for the Queen's redemption.
    3. In Part 3, further ethical questions arise about the interface between uploaded and artificial minds in the virtual world, and robotic bodies in the physical world.
      1. In Episode 1, some deceased users like Xiuying want to interface with robot bodies to roam the physical world, running up against taboos against fully autonomous robots.
      2. In Episode 2, with uploaded minds controlling robot bodies now, questions arise about whether AI characters doing so as well would violate the ban on fully autonomous robots.
      3. In Episode 3, further questions arise about whether copies of uploaded minds modified to no longer think of themselves as persons could operate robot bodies in lieu of fully autonomous robots.